Announcing the Faurecia Biosensing Safety Challenge Winner

Announcing the Faurecia Biosensing Safety Challenge Winner

MaRS is pleased to announce that Detroit-based company BioSense has won the inaugural Faurecia Biosensing Safety Challenge. In addition to receiving the grand prize of $25,000 USD, BioSense will have the opportunity to collaborate on projects with Faurecia, one of the world’s leading global tech companies.

MaRS would also like to congratulate finalists Blueberry and Merkcu, two companies that thoroughly impressed the judges with their unique solutions. Learn more below about how these innovative companies are applying their tech to vehicle biosensing and other initiatives.




BioSense has developed the world’s first non-contact electrocardiogram (EKG) sensor that is able to monitor the electrical activity of the heart through clothing and materials, without any skin contact. The company’s system has been proven to work in a moving vehicle, and is able to analyze the over 480 biomarkers in its EKG signal to diagnose hundreds of medical and wellness conditions. And BioSense’s EKG signal can be used to predict and diagnose heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.





Blueberry provides low-cost and miniature brain sensing glasses with real-time feedback to help wearers better understand their minds. The company’s technology measures hemodynamic blood oxygenation changes by using a type of sensing called functional near infrared spectroscopy. The raw data is then converted into accessible information through visual, audio and haptic cues to guide wearers with greater focus and reduced stress.



Mercku is the creator of the powerful wireless sensor product, WiSe. This sensor can accurately detect microscopic changes to localized environments, measuring heartbeats and breaths without wearables. For the vehicular environment, this product is designed for detecting heart attacks, monitoring presence and motion, and performing continuous health checks, with environmental noise, bumpy roads and high speeds having no effect on accuracy.

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